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EUROGROUP CONSULTING – a consulting company unlike any other

What ‘The Art of Mobilization’ means to us and our clients

There are many consulting companies around the world and all need an approach that makes them unique. Here at EUROGROUP CONSULTING we believe that the ‘mobilization’ concept enables us to approach the many challenges in our industry in a different manner.

Years of experience have taught us that it is rarely the uniqueness of the developed concepts that ultimately produces success but above all the commitment of the employees who recognize the route that leads to a lasting improvement in the situation.

People make the difference

It is this specific experience needed to understand that people make the difference and that there is more to it than a pro forma or pseudo customer involvement. We know that human behaviour is usually the cause and always the solution to a problem. As we know and have assimilated this, our consultancy work particularly focuses on this aspect.

Whether it concerns the restructuring of major projects, especially those in IT, designing banking processes with respect to digitisation and industrialization, or intensification of sales activities, human behaviour always plays a decisive role in an organization, their interaction and their energy.

We mobilize by identifying the potential for greater power

We consider ourselves to be ‘power managers’ in an organization in the sense that we identify those unnecessary power drains, redirect the flow of power and enhance its potential.

We are convinced that the difference between being successful or not is not founded in the structures, processes and tools but how intensely and consequently they are applied by the persons in the company to continually improve.

‘Power’ in this senses comprises both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ factors; the mix makes the difference. That is our business.

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