Sales Mobilization

Sales mobilization: Realignment of the leadership of sales and in the teams


Due to a change in the business environment, all sales organizations in banks and insurance companies face the challenge of significantly improving how existing potential returns in sales are handled and exploited than before, without losing sight of the customer focus through pure product sales.

It has long been known that this route is only possible by changing the behaviour of the sales employees. Attempts to achieve this via changed control incentives and impetus have not been successful so far.

Results are good, the fun returns

The sales mobilization concept has provided an entirely new approach which animates sales teams (e.g. branch teams) to mobilize their powers to outdo other teams by means of a competition model (league model).

What appears to be a rather simple model at first glance leads to a fundamental shift in the leadership work in sales, as the main stimulus no longer originates from the hierarchy (vertical control impetus) but from competition between the teams (horizontal control impetus). This not only yields significantly better sales results but brings back a certain fun factor in local sales activities.

Top institutes get even better

EUROGROUP CONSULTING has meanwhile introduced sales mobilization in a number of banks of different sizes and without exception there have been marked and lasting increases in the level of performance and enjoyment.

Sales mobilization guarantees a noticeable and measurable step towards a clear intensification of exploiting market potential for institutes hoping for an initial impulse in their sales operations as well as institutes wishing to further improve their high level of performance.

Package solution

Furthermore, sales mobilization is successfully applied to improve the requirements of digital marketing processes (concluding online agreements, ePostfach services, etc.) or to successfully deal with the classic problem areas of marketing such as the youth market (bathtub effect).

The concept is a package with all preparation, pilot testing as well as monitoring the rollout and all aspects of professional support (control information), evaluation tools and organization concepts all in one.

We also support sales with another area of expertise:

  • Omnichannel strategy