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Business strategy: Fill the entire organization with enthusiasm for the restructuring

Mobilization effected successful strategy development and implementation in a large Austrian regional bank

Following a series of mergers and the resulting organizational and technology projects, our customer initially lost its overview of the majority of its employees and subsequently also success in business. The institute needed a new strategy and a sustainable shared identity.

Include management and employees in strategy development

According to our mobilization mission statement we know that successful restructuring is only achieved when management and employees become ambassadors of change, which in turn necessitates active and credible involvement in strategy development.

To achieve this, each of the three teams set up develops one of the three main strategy modules:


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Illustration EGC strategy model: Homogeneity is required among the fields

Our understanding of strategy is based on the business philosophy, that is, the question of competitive differentiation and institute identity. An organization should be able to answer of why you would need to establish your ‘own’ institute if it did not already exist?

The ‘direction’ module includes all ideas constituting strategic objective, so business area strategies, planning and performance measurement.

The ‘power’ module answers all the questions relating to the requirements for successful implementation of strategic decisions such as capacities, know-how and structures/processes.

The competition for the best idea

The overlap of content in the three topics caused the teams to compete for the best idea for the strategy of the bank (mobilization) EUROGROUP CONSULTING consultants support team work and developing creative proposals. This broad-based and stable process has enabled us to develop a new business strategy with a clear objective.

The associated identification of the organization in conjunction with the redirection of the business strategy formed the basis for successful economic development.

In addition to the support in preparing and refining the business strategy, EUROGROUP CONSULTING also provides other solutions related to strategy.

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